BellwetherPost talks Geo Politics & Economy on Starseedenergyradio Show

By: Ryan Matthew Dernick

Happy Holidays to everyone out there this December 24th. This is a new televised format of the radio show with Host Jonah Bolt. Starseedenergyradio airs weekly at 11pm EDT and is listened by up to 45 countries. I have a 10 minute spot with the weekly news update at the beginning of each program.

GUESTS FOR TODAY – Dr. Louis Turi – Astrologer, Author & Astropsychology – / Ryan Matthew Dernick – article writer for GCN Network – / Chris Knight – Mc/Hiphop Producer –

NEWS – Occupy Wall Street in Philly Cleared By 100s of Police. After raids, Wall Street protesters shift tactics; Apple iTunes flaw ‘allowed government spying for 3 years’; Cashless Voice Recognition System Now Being Converted to Analyze Behavior; Social Studies Assignment – take pics of familys food supply; Mayor Bloomberg calls the NYPD ‘my own army’’; Occupy UK: Mass strike bites Britain; BANK DOWNGRADE RAMPAGE: Goldman, Bank Of America, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, And Citigroup Just Got Cut By S&P;  Tens Of Millions Of American Families Are Living On The Edge Of Desperation; Gunwalker scandal broadensn – the FBI connection; EPA targets families that generate heat off the grid; Center for Disease Control pushes harsh adult vaccination program;
MUSIC – Dialated Peoples & Chris Knight – samples from albums

HAPPY HOLIDAYS To All- Ryan Matthew Dernick &


About oligarchy1

Ryan Matthew Dernick is the founder and author of BellwetherPost. Ryan has a Multimedia Broadcast Journalism B.A. from the University of West Florida with a Minor in Earth & Weather/Environmental Sciences. He is a front page contributor to the Genesis Communications Network online newspaper. In addition he gives a live weekly global update on Starseedenergy radio is an insightful, witty and spiritually conscious perspective radio show with Host Jonah Bolt every Friday at 11pm EDT. Just as the Liberty Bell proclaimed what it means to be free BellwetherPost,com will also divulge and relay the information that will ensure the preservation of, “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”-Declaration of Independence.

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