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Is Iowa Caucus a Turning Point for Ron Paul?

By: Ryan Matthew Dernick

Moving into the cusp of a new year the “2012 Presidential Election Buzz” is fervently increasing. Ron Paul (R-Texas) tied with Mitt Romney (R-Mass.) for third in the Iowa Caucus Poll at 17.4% and Newt Gingrich (R-Georgia) is still leading the way.

There Can be Only One in The End

The crowds this past week at Iowa were very warm and uproarious especially for Ron Paul where many young supporters gathered to see him. It is great to finally see the tide begin to turn in favor for the septuagenarian Paul who not only has  a perfect attendance record in Congress, but is also consistent in his political platform such as auditing the Federal Reserve or ensuring that checks and balances will not fail the “American People” and most importantly limiting our military presence in the Middle East.

Unlike Mitt Romney who wrongly claimed that no president before Obama had cut Medicare, and that Obama favored pre-1967 borders for Israel. Or Newt Gingrich who said he opposed cap-and-trade, even though he once spoke favorably of it, only if combined with other measures to curtail carbon emissions. Rick Perry (R-Texas) again falsely alleged Romney of writing that the Massachusetts health care law should be a model for the nation, and once again made his cliché apples-to-oranges comparison in the hopes of making his Texas job-creation record look more impressive. Former IRS tax lawyer Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) recycled a bogus claim about projected job losses under the new federal health care law.

Time will only tell who the Republican GOP 2012 Nominee will eventually be but there are sure to be more unexpected twists along the way. That is what makes political campaigns so interesting especially near the advent of another Presidential election.

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and John Boehner (R-OH) see nothing wrong with congressional Insider Trading

Public Servants or Corporate Servants?

Public Servants Insider Trading in Congress

By: Ryan Matthew Dernick

Jon Corzine MF Global CEO and former Govenor of New Jersey alongside President Obama

In the last couple of weeks MF Global financial investment firm gets away with extorting anywhere from 1.5 to just shy of 3 billion dollars of clients segregated accounts including Gerald Celente’s account. Gerald Celente is the founder of TRENDS Research Magazine of One of the more ethically questionable  international investment banking firms JP Morgan will be absorbing the dissolving MF Global company’s  LME (London Metal Exchange) holdings. The majority of the at least 1.3 billion of which they cannot locate of people’s individual accounts in silver and gold ETF’s may not even be reimbursed to the understandably agitated investors according to JP Morgan.

The House Ethics Committee stated in a memo ” Members of Congress may be liable as insider traders, whether they obtain non-public information as part of their official duties or outside of them.”

Interestingly ironic is that Jon Corzine is a recent U.S. Governor of New Jersey from 2006 to 2010, a former CEO of Goldman Sachs in 1999 and then MF Global in 2010 which is now at the center of the congressional insider stock trading legal debacle. Financial regulators Monday banned the kinds of sweet insider trading deals that may have contributed to the bankruptcy of MF Global and the downfall of Jon Corzine. Today Tuesday the 6th of December 2011 The House Financial Services Committee will commence a hearing on such purported trading within the very halls of U.S. congress. A public servant of the United States main motivation should be to protect and serve the people from threats both foreign and domestic instead of lining their pockets with greenbacks. This espouses a financial collusion against not only the citizens of America but any global free market society.

A recent “60 Minutes” piece focused on financial transactions involving House Speaker John Bohner (R-OH), Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL). Each of them deny any unscrupulous actions were committed.

Just when you think Occupy Wall Street is beginning to lose gusto as cities like New York or D.C. are increasing the rhetoric against the peaceful protesters who speak out against just this kind of extortion. This is just the news needed for the 99% to fuel the couple month long grassroots activist movement further. It has been revealed JP Morgan has been at the forefront of funding New York City Police Department’s oppression of peaceful protests via doling out N.Y.P.D. holiday bonuses for law enforcement. Just like separation of Church and State there should be a separation of Investment banking firms and State.

A Latin saying that always gives me hope Veritas Vos Liberabit, The Truth Shall Set Us free.