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Starseedenergy Radio on Bellwetherpost

Dr. Nick Begich – Stephen Mehler – Sir Ivan / World Premier


BellwetherPost Drops the Weekly News on the Starseedenergyradio Show

SPECIAL GUEST INTERVIEW: David Sereda – Ufo Researcher, Scientist, filmmaker, and Mystic Ecologist – He also has worked deeply in high technology, on environmental and humanitarian issues and as a professional photographer for over 20 years. He has studied world religion, science, physics and paranormal psychology for over 25 years. /

COSMIC CODE UPDATE: World Famous Dr. Louis Turi – Astrologer, Author & Physcic whos predictions include: 9-11, Asia Tsunami, both shuttle disasters, WA Sniper, Saddam’s fall and his son’s deaths, POW’s liberation, Deadly virus, N.Y. Black out, FBI/CIA restructure, Kobe earthquakes and all unfolding major news! –

WORLD NEWS 3D UPDATES: Ryan Dernick – Ryan Matthew Dernick – Writer for GCN Network and is the founder and author of BellwetherPost –

NEW BOOK AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Chris Hoover – Author & Visionary – “IMAGINE a Future Without Fear” a novel by Chris Hoover, combines today’s headlines and a visionary future.

STUDIO “B” LIVE GUEST: Bob – A local concerned parent helping to spread truth and awareness on the real world around us, LIVE frrom Asheville, NC.

ALSO UPDATES ON: #OWS, Earth Changes, NDAA & SOPA, solar flares and MORE!

NEWS: Obama appoints ex Vice President of Monsanto as head of FDA / NC county officials reject NWO Environmental Agenda 21 Climate Change takeovar / Two British tourists were barred from entering America after joking on Twitter that they were going to ‘destroy America’ / Minus 12 Britain! It’s as cold as the Himalayas as the Big Freeze tightens its icy grip /

MUSIC: Dj Wreck – DIstrict 808 – samples from album