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Legislation and a U.N. Gun Ban Treaty with A Constitutional Conflict of Interest

One could say lately in the United States there has been a preponderance of questionable legislation passed such as the “National Defense Authorization Act Addendum 2011″, which now permits the  President of the United States to unlawfully search or detain American citizens without normal due process of law. That means our 4th and 5th Amendment rights in the Bill of Rights are absolutely nullified or non-existent.

On to the next piece of even more ridiculous legislation is “Fast and Furious” that now finds

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress for withholding pertinent information in The Fast and Furious Scandal

Attorney General Eric Holder under citation in contempt of Congress for not publicly divulging any information on the Fast and Furious Scandal. According to intelligence coming out so far it reveals a outrageous story involving the Department of Justice and the A.T.F. using unlawful ghost buyers  to buy guns at U.S. gun stores bordering Mexico covertly. From there agents casually strolled across the United States Border into Mexico putting thousands of non-traced guns into the very hands of criminals. This action definitely does not make our borders with Mexico more secure with the already previous increases in cartel influenced crimes there.

The worst shooting in U.S. history, the Colorado Mass shooting occurred in an Aurora Multiplex Movie Theater Premier of The Dark Knight Rises early last Friday morning committed by James Holmes 24, killing 12 people and wounding 58, with witnesses describing a scene of claustrophobia, panic and blood. The last thing anyone wants to touch

James Holmes 24 sitting in Arapahoe County District Court, July 23, 2012, in Centennial Colorado seeming medicated or absolutely vacant.

right now politically in America, in an election year is a UN Gun Ban Treaty. Those who appreciate the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment are concerned that the treaty will be used as a vehicle to force gun control measures and bans on the American people in spite of strong congressional and public opposition.  A group of 51 U.S. Senators threatened to oppose the treaty if it failed to protect Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms. In a letter to President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the senators expressed serious concerns. Gun control is a politically explosive issue in the U.S. . New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg bolsters the fiery gun control debate further just days ago on CNN with Piers Morgan Tonight. Bloomberg tells police nationwide they should go on strike and not protect people until they change the gun laws in congress.

According Yahoo News , White House Press Secretary Jay Carney recently said, “”I think there is an issue about the stalemate in Congress”[on gun laws]. He continued, “And there are things that we can do short of legislation and short of gun laws, as the President said, that can reduce violence in our society and, as he mentioned last night, in our urban centers.”

Since the start, the US has opposed the inclusion of ammunition, China does not want small arms and both Russia and China have sought restrictions on references to humanitarian law.

A draft treaty circulated on Tuesday was severely criticized by rights groups, including Amnesty International and Oxfam, as full of “ambiguities and loopholes”.

Syria, North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Algeria and other countries have sought from the start to thwart the treaty, diplomats and activists say. The treaty must be agreed by a consensus of all 193 countries involved. A vote on the UN Gun Ban Treaty is set between now and sometime next week. Once signed this treaty has the ability to take away an individuals firearms only allowing state actors meaning government, military and or police to use weapons for defense.

Iran Say Israel and the United States are Responsible for Assassination

By: Ryan Matthew Dernick

Friday Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei insisted “the Islamist Republic will continue on that path.” This in reference to Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The Supreme Leader goes on to vow “to punish those who carried out Wednesdays bombing and those behind it.”

Iran State Television reported “two attackers riding by on a motorcycle stuck a magnetic bomb on the car of the Iranian Nuclear Scientist.”

Pieces of broken glass and debris lay strewn across the pavement  this past Wednesday at the scene of a bombing in Tehran. The victim an Iranian  Nuclear Scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, age 32. His recent death  has acted to further ratchet up tensions with the Unites States and Iran amidst talk of further sanctions on the Middle Eastern Country in relation to its nuclear ambitions.

Tehran on January 11, 2012 Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan posing with his son, Alireza (AFP Photo / HO / Fars News)

The Iranian Government called the act a ” terrorist attack” blaming Israel and the United States.The Iranian Supreme Leader further elaborates on those who conspired to commit this assassination “This cowardly terror has been designed or helped by the intelligence services of the CIA and Mossad and shows that the arrogant powers have reached a dead end in the face of the strong Iranian nation.”

Refuting the claims against the United States, U.S. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton assured the international community “I want to categorically deny any U.S. involvement in any kind of act of violence inside of Iran.”

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta placated the troops in Texas on Thursday: “We we’re not involved in any way, in any way with regards to the assassination that took place there. I’m not sure  who was involved .But I can tell you one thing that the United States was not involved in that kind of effort, thats not what the United States does.”

This is the latest in a string of attacks on Iranian nuclear officials. Two years ago a nuclear physics professor was killed when a bomb strapped to a motorcycle exploded outside his home. Several months after that a  pair of car bombings killed one nuclear scientist and wounded another while they were headed to work. In both cases Iranian officials also blamed the United States and Israel for the attacks and subsequent deaths. Iran has also been the victim of “Cyber Attacks”. In 2010 computers at Iranian nuclear facilities were infected with the stuxnet virus. It disrupted controls on centrifuges that were trying to enrich uranium. This past November an explosion destroyed part of a missile testing site however Iranian officials deemed that was an accident.

Just this week the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that Iran has begun enriching uranium at  a second site near the city of Kong.  This recent assassination along with the escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran in the Strait of Hormuz show things are mounting toward an eventual conflict.